Standards in Practice

Standards in Practice (S.I.P.) is a collection of monthly publications featuring a NSQ standard and indicator(s) from one of the standard sets, Online Courses, Online Programs or Online Teaching. Each S.I.P includes resources, success stories and helpful tips from individuals and organizations that have implemented the National Standards for Quality Online Learning. Resources are listed by date of publication. Join our mailing list to have the monthly SIP sent to you!

NSQ Informational Materials

Documents included in the NSQ Informational Materials are resources used by the project teams when revising the NSQ standards sets as well as resources referenced within the standard sets. Resources are organized by standard set: Online Courses, Online Programs, or Online Teaching.


If you are seeking to learn more about the standards or you are searching for helpful resources to share the National Standards for Quality Online Learning with others, check out the Resource section. Users will find informational videos; slide decks to incorporate in a presentation; as well as infographics and other great resources available to download.

Professional Learning aligned to the NSQ Online Learning

Resources in this section include professional learning opportunities aligned to the National Standards for Quality Online Learning.

The NSQ Online Teaching Professional Learning Portal, a free resource, “unpacks” the NSQ Online Teaching standards for every teacher to match high-quality and aligned professional learning resources to individual strengths and needs. The link below will direct you to the portal. Create a free account and create a personalized learning path.